What is the most economical option?

Whether it’s for residential or commercial, the material that is most budget-friendly is chain-link. It allows you to efficiently secure your perimeters at a very low price.

Which fence should I choose?

That will depend on a couple of things. Why are you getting a fence? Is it for privacy? For security measures? What are the regulations in your area regarding fencing? If you’re looking for a high security fence you can go for the chain-link or the wrought iron. If you’re looking for privacy, there’s the wood and vinyl. We’ll be more than glad to help you choose what best suits your needs.

What is the warranty you offer?

Old Ape Fencing is determined to service our customers the best way possible. We make sure to provide you with high quality materials and professional installation; therefore, we offer a one year warranty for our service and labor.

Can you quote me over the phone?

Yes, if you’d like we can give you a quote over the phone or email it to you. However, we can arrange an appointment to visit you personally if that’d be better.

Can you give some references of satisfied customers?

Yes! We can definitely provide you with some references of previous clients. You can also head on over to the ‘Past Projects’ tab if you’d like to see some of those pictures.


Can I ask for more than one quote?

If you need more than one quote to compare what would be best for your budget, of course we can provide those for you.